Accessory Packs

Billy Blastoff first appears as sets because naturally the main selling point to this platform was that the figure could power any of the vehicles. Once the sets established the line, singles and accessory packs made sense.



Billy Blastoff Space Scout (gen 2)

Walking Billy Blastoff (gen 2)

Billy (Japan)

Billy (Spain)


Fire Fighter

Scuba Scout


Robbie Robot (gen 2)

Robbie Robot (gen 2, blister pack)


Space Car (white body - gen 1)

Lunar Crawler (gray body - gen 1)

Space Tractor (red body - gen 2)

Lunar Crawler (white body - gen 2)

Radiation Truck (white/green - gen 2)

Walking Vehicle

Amphibious Car

Discovery Boat

Belt Conveyor


Dump Truck

Ladder Truck

Fire Chief Car

Accessory Packs

Space Scout Accessory Pack

Scuba Scout Accessory Pack

Billy Robot Accessory Pack

Construction Accessory Pack

Billy Fireman Accessory Pack


This product insert was included in the blister packed figures and vehicles in the UK and shows what was available there individually outside of the sets.

Eldon UK product insert (1970 front)

Eldon UK product insert (1970 front with addendum)

Eldon UK product insert (1970 back)

These Eldon catalog pages show what was advertised directly to toy dealers.

Eldon Dealer Catalog Fall 1969 (page 14)

Eldon Dealer Catalog Fall 1970 (page ??)