US/UK Sets

Sets offered in the United States and the United Kingdom were manufactured in Japan and sold through Eldon Industries of Hawthorne, California. It appears that the exact same sets - box, instructions and all - were sold in both markets. The only one I have not yet seen evidence of being sold in the UK is the Deluxe Space Set. What's not clear is whether these same sets were also sold in other English speaking countries. There are many Canadian variation sets but that doesn't mean US sets were never sold there as-is. There is also at least one Australian market set that seems to only differ from the US version by what appears to be a Tomy sticker applied to the box.


Space Scout (gen 1)

Space Scout (gen 2)

Space Base (gen 1)

Space Base (gen 2)

Robbie Robot (gen 1)

Robbie Robot (gen 2)

Deluxe Space Set


Cargo Jet

Scuba Scout

Construction Set (gen 1)

Construction Set (gen 2)

Fire Fighter Set (gen 1)

Fire Fighter Set (gen 2)

Snowmobile Set