Robbie Robot (gen 1)

Stock #: 9435 Release year: 1969 Sold in: USA Sold by: Eldon Manufactured in: Japan

Sometimes - like in the case of the Green Hornet's Kato - the side-kick upstages the main guy. Clearly the case with Billy's new Robbie Robot having all the capabilities of the boss plus a walking motion with visible moving leg struts, a whirling radar dish and light up visor and side-facing mohawk. So much going on we don't evern notice that this set does not include a lighted accessory but who's complaining? In the first appearance of Robbie we see him working in his quasi-space/classic cold war job clearing radioactive material with his Radiation Truck and Radioactive Retrieval Wagon. It seems the first Robbie wasn't even completely working before the photo shoot since his leg plates are not seen on the box cover. Possibly the originat design opted for a clip on the drive peg at the top of the leg strut?


Robbie (gen 1)

Radiation Truck (red)

Grabber (with buttons)

Radioactive Retrieval Wagon (gray)

Cargo Boxes (blue)

TV Camera (yellow, gen 1)

Walkie Talkie (yellow)


Robbie Robot (gen 1)



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Canada 1969

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Eldon Dealer Catalog 1969 (cover)

Eldon Dealer Catalog 1969 (page 4-5)

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