I've learned alot about the Billy Blastoff line along the way but there are many questions and some curious observations. Hopefully some of you readers know some of the answers to these. If you know the answer to any of these shoot me a mail.
  • Some Robbie Robots have the leg plates melted shut. I have seen this three times so far. Was this done at the factory? It makes it a pain to disassemble and tighten up those loose legs.
  • Jet Pack dates. The first generation jet pack covers can have either 1968 or 1969 dates. I have seen both on first gen Robbies although he was released in 1969. Was Robbie shipped with both or have they just been mis-matched over the years? I'd love to see clear pictures of the markings on the international figures.
  • What are Billy and Robbie called in Japan?
  • Suspecting that the Snowmobile only came with the "Snow Job" sticker on one side. I've talked to one person who had two with only sticker goo left on the outer side and seen two others online that only had a sticker on the on the one side. Until now the only example of a sticker on the other side is the box art. Can anyone confirm or deny this?