Credits & Links

The following people/sites were sources for information or images on this site. Also, please see the history page for credits for specific contributions.

Site Description
WorthPoint Very helpful in research of the US and some international sets.
todocolleccion Very helpful in researching the Spanish sets.
EBay Where I bought most of my US stuff and used for research of US and some international stuff.
Moonbase Central Provided the tip-off on the patents.
SpaceX - Golden Astronaut Information and images related to the Mexican "Mini Capitan Boy" sets. Thanks Paul! Massive searchable newspaper archive.


Site Description
National Museum of Play Archival collection of 100 years of Playthings magazine. Would love to pore through these sometime.
National Toy Hall of Fame Does not include Billy. Yet...
Classic Tin Toy Co. Sells a few reproduction parts for Billy Blastoff.
Vintage Spacetoys Sells a reproduction antenna for Robbie Robot.
Museo del Juguete Antiguo México Mexican toy museum. Includes some Mexican "Capitán Boy" sets.
WhoaDay Toys Brett Livingston's Vintage Toy store.

Regarding image credits

This site started as a personal collection of images which turned into a research project and then this site. By the time I realized I should make a website I'd lost track of the image sources and honestly, it just seemed too difficult to chase them all down much less the permissions for each and every one. Especially from auction sites with anonymous sellers, large corporations, and in some cases, language barriers. I do feel like by this being a research project of sorts, image use falls under "fair use" guidelines but of course I would be happy to credit anyone whose image I have used. My overall goal has been to make the page as a framework for cataloging the Billy Blastoff toy line with collaboration from others so I hope others will contribute information and images for which I will gladly give credit.