These promotional comics were included with some of the sets. I've included links to view all pages of the ones I have. The comics given in each set did not necessarily match the set - but sometimes did. For example: the Space Base comic came in the Space Base set but was also given out in the Construction set. In the set listings I show the comic in sets where I was sure I saw a complete set with the comic. At first there were just space related comics but that very low-res image of the fire fighter comic has me thinking there may be more. And more from the international sets?

Space Scout (cover)
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Space Scout (back) Marked "Design: The Studio, 7-74-111, Copyright 1968 Eldon Industries.., Printed in the USA"

Scuba Scout (cover) Marked "Vol 1, No. 2"
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Scuba Scout (back) Marked Graphics: The Studio, Printed in U.S.A., 774-118

Space Base (cover) Marked "VOL1 NO 3"
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Space Base (back) Marked "Graphics: The Studio, Printed in Japan - 1969 Eldon Industries, 7-74-121"

Fire Fighter (cover) Marked Vol.1 No. 4, 1969 Eldon Industries

Fire Fighter (back) Marked 7-74-122, Printed in USA

Capitán Boy (Mexico)

Mexico Space Base (cover)
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Mexico Space Base (back)
Tomytopia (Japan)

Japan (cover)
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Japan (back)