Billy has an impressive cache of vehicles. Made even more impressive by the number of variations internationally. When I first discovered that Billy had these other professions I thought that was something but never imagined all that would turn up online. Has anyone collected all of these?

Many of the vehicles are variations on a car which goes forward and has a setable front wheel allowing it to go forward or in circles either direction. Others can be pretty mechanically involved. The most of which is the first generation grabber. The three buttons on the back allow for forward, reverse, stop and a cycling of the claw which you can stop at any point which allows you to open the claw, lower it, grab something, then pick it up and drive away if you like. All of this mechanically done in the vehicle. It's a bit of a challenge to operate which makes it that much more interesting to play with.

So, to differentiate the more interesting vehicles I've make my own "Top 5" and flagged them as such. I will soon create detail pages for each of these with video of them in action.

Space (US)

Space Car (white body - gen 1)

Space Car (blue body - gen 2)

Lunar Crawler (gray body - gen 1)

Lunar Crawler (white body - gen 2)

Exploration Tractor (orange body - gen 1)

Exploration Tractor (red body - gen 2)

Space Saucer

Observation Tower

Space Capsule

Grabber (with buttons - gen 1)

Grabber (without buttons - gen 2)

Radiation Dump Truck (white/red - gen 1)

Radiation Dump Truck (white/green - gen 2)

Walking Vehicle (white/green)

Lunar Crawler (blue body - only seen in dealer display)

Other (US)

Jet Cargo Plane

Lift Truck


Dump Truck

Belt Conveyor

Ladder Truck

Hoist Truck

Fire Chief Car

Amphibious Car

Boat Trailer

Discovery Boat


Trailer Sled

Space (international)

Space Capsule (clear doors, Japan)

Space Capsule (blue body, Spain)

Space Capsule (orange, Spain)

Space Capsule (blue and white, Spain)

Space Capsule (blue tip, Spain)

Space Capsule (white, Spain)

Lunar Crawler (orange wheels, Mexico)

Lunar Crawler (white with red wheels, Mexico)

Lunar Crawler (yellow, Japan)

Grabber (blue, Spain)

Grabber (blue wheels, Spain)

Grabber (orange wheels, Spain)

Grabber (button holes, Mexico)

Space Tractor (short wheelbase, front tow hitch, Mexico)

Space Car (red, Japan)

Space Car (no stickers, Mexico)

Space Car (all white, Mexico)

Space Saucer (Mexico)

Space Saucer (blue, red dish, Spain)

Space Saucer (blue, yellow dish, Spain)

Space Saucer (white, red dish, Spain)

Space Saucer (white, yellow dish, Spain)

Observation Tower (blue legs, Spain)

Observation Tower (blue platform, Spain)

Observation Tower (yellow, Japan)

Other (international)

Jet Cargo Plane (Japan stickers)

Lift Truck (red lift, Japan)

Amphibious Car (yellow, Japan)

Discovery Boat (blue, Japan)

Belt Conveyor (green Spain)

Belt Conveyor (orange Spain)

Bulldozer (green/yellow/red Spain)

Bulldozer (yellow/green/blue Spain)

Bulldozer (orange/green/white Spain)

Bulldozer (green/yellow/white Spain)

Bulldozer (green/yellow/blue Spain)

Dump Truck (green/yellow/black Spain)

Dump Truck (yellow/green/black Spain)

Dump Truck (yellow/Orange/black Spain)