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History of this website. Check back here to see what's been updated.

Date Event
2024-04-22 Added Robbie Robot gen 2 instructions to Instructions page. Added Fall 1968 catalog to Promotional and to the US Space Scout gen 1 page. Special thanks to Dave at TVT Toys for the Robbie Robot instruction scan.
2024-01-11 Added box images to the Canada Deluxe Space Set page. Thanks to eBay sellers "replaytoys2011" and "theforcecollectibles_canada" for the source images used to create these images.
2024-01-05 Added Spanish 1971 catalog to the Promotional and to the Spanish Base Espacial and Spanish Constructor set pages.
2024-01-04 Added Japanese Tomy Toys 1971 catalog to the Promotional page with translated links and to the US Space Scout gen 2 and US Space Base gen 2 set pages.
2024-01-03 Added Japanese Tomy Toy 1969 catalog to the Promotional page with translated links and to the Japanese Space Scout B set page.
2023-12-15 Added Fire Fighter comic with read link and all page images to the Comics page.
2023-11-19 Added French version Deluxe Space Set instructions to Instructions page and to Canada Deluxe Space Set page. Thanks to eBay seller "theforcecollectibles_canada" for the images used to create these instructions pages. Also removed the insert page from all but one Base Espacial set page since I've only seen it in one set.
2023-11-11 Updated Spanish Base Espacial instruction images on Instructions page and all Base Espacial pages. Thanks again to Javi Alonso in Spain for helping me aquire this set.
2023-11-09 Updated box images for Base Espacial. Thanks to Javi Alonso in Spain for helping me aquire this set.
2023-09-04 Added Space Scout commercial to the TV Commercials page and to the US/UK Space Scout (gen 1) set.
2023-08-31 Add 1 new complete Spanish Base Espacial set to the Base Espacial sets page and the comparison table.
2023-08-30 Add Scalecraft variant box cover to Space Scout gen 1 set page thanks to eBay seller "20thcenturycharlie". Add 4 new Spanish Constructor sets to the Constructor sets page and the comparison table. Add two new Spanish color variations of the Bulldozer to the Vehicles page.
2023-02-10 Update box images on US Snowmobile Set page and add French box images to Canada Snowmobile Set. Special thanks to eBay seller "cncsports" for Canadian Snowmobile Set box and instructions images.
2023-02-08 Update box cover images and add box side imges to Fire Fighter Set gen 1 and Fire Fighter Set gen 2. Also add better image of Fire Fighter instructions to both and the Instructions page.
2023-02-03 Add better image of Scuba Scout instuctions in French to Instructions page and Canadian Scuba Scout set page.
2023-02-02 Add box side images to Japanese Space Base set page.
2023-02-02 Add 1971 UK/Europe catalog pages to Promotional page.
2023-01-29 Add better images for Japan Scuba Scout sets. Add Air Hose and Batteries to all Japan Scuba Scout sets. Add correct side images to Japan Scuba Scout (partial 3) set. Fix proportions on all international set images. Add side images to all Base Espacial sets.
2023-01-24 Add new Constructor set #5 to Constructor page. Add new Orange Belt Conveyor and orange Dump Druck to Vehicles page and to all Constructor pages. Add box images to all Constructor pages. Split US/UK Construction and Fire Fighter sets with differing boxes into gen 1 and gen 2 pages and links on US/UK Sets page.
2023-01-23 Add new dealer catalog images to Promotional page and to all product set pages.
2023-01-18 Added sets 16 and 17 to Base Espacial page. Also clarified assumptions on accessory colors and specified unknown color with black and white images. Added Box, Box for Billy, Instruction Sheet and insert to table. Clarified some text on same page.
2023-01-17 Renamed US Sets page to US/UK Sets and tag all but the Deluxe Space Set with the availble in the UK flag icon. Added reproduction Flying Device Door Hanger to Replacement Parts list in Repairs page. Added As Seen on TV icon to multiple US sets.
2023-01-15 Added Playthings magazine story to Promotional page. Also removed alternate Space Base comic back cover from Comics page since it most-likely was just the inside image of the back cover. Also adjust comic names for Mexican and Japanese comics in menu and titles.
2022-09-21 Added Canadian Snowmobile Set instructions to Instructions page and Canada - Snowmobile Set page.
2022-09-21 Added Apollo Mission Space Game to Other Products page.
2022-08-31 Added Deluxe Space Set Gen 2 instruction images to Instructions page and Canada - Deluxe Space Set page. Special thanks to Brett Livingston from WhoaDay Toys for scans.
2022-08-13 Added 1969 box art to Construction Set page. Added Newspapers page with a huge number of newspapers images.
2022-04-21 Added link to Tow Bar to the Repairs page.
2022-02-15 Added Space Base Gen 2 instruction images to Instructions page and Space Base Gen 2 Set page.
2022-02-10 Added Snowmobile instruction image to Instructions page and Snowmobile Set page.
2022-02-06 Added Robotin instruction image to Instructions page and Robotin page. Thanks again to Ben Rodriguez for scanning this page.
2022-02-04 Updated Cargo Jet instruction images on Instructions page and US Cargo Jet Set page. Thanks to Ben Rodriguez for scanning these pages.
2022-02-01 Updated box images on US Cargo Jet Set page.
2022-01-28 Updated box images on US Snowmobile Set and made some text changes.
2022-01-26 Updated Space Base Gen 1 instructions and added Deluxe Space Set images to Instructions page. Added Ledy Mini Capitán Boy images and Coche Playa images to Other Products page. Thanks to Ben Rodriguez for supplying the mini images and to Bob Wagner for the tip-off on Coche Playa.
2022-01-19 Added link to reproduction stickers to the Repairs page.
2021-12-24 Added better image of Playthings March 1968 advertisement to Promotional page.
2021-11-17 Added box images to Canada's Robbie Robot set. Special thanks to Kevin (eBay: "scotch_line") for providing images of the box for this set.
2021-10-29 Added Spanish Base Espacial set #15 with as as of yet unseen accessory - the vacuum formed "Lunar Surface". Also added it to the comparison table on the Base Espacial page. It also matched none of the other 14 variations on this set.
2021-10-28 Updated box images for Robbie Robot gen 1 set.
2021-10-22 Added UK blister pack insert catlog sheet and Chatelaine magazine images to Promotional page. Also added related promotional images to the Accessory Packs page.
2021-10-08 Added Lunar Crawler gen 2 image to Accessory Packs page.
2021-10-09 Added box side and contents images to Japanese Space Scout set A.
2021-10-08 Added Lunar Crawler gen 2 image to Accessory Packs page.
2021-10-06 Replaced image for Construction Set in Instructions page.
2021-10-04 Changed layout of Instructions page and replaced Robbie Robot gen 1 instructions image.
2021-09-29 Added translation to Japanese comic. Thanks to Mike Perkins and Minako Gunji for the translation!
2021-09-08 Added better box images to US sets Space Scout (gen 2) and Deluxe Space Set. Added blue Lunar Crawler to Vehicles page. Added Capitan Boy gen 1 and gen 2 instructions to Instructions page. Added better comic images and "read this comic" link to Space Base Set (Japan) and Cargo Jet (Japan). Added Capitan Boy gen 1 set to the International Sets page. Updated Capitan Boy gen 2 page to reflect addition of gen 1 set.
2021-08-13 Added better box images to US sets Space Scout, Scuba Scout, Space Base (gen 1) and Space Base (gen 2). Added side images for Robbie Robot (gen 2). Resized images to match box dimensions.
2021-08-09 Added display images from 1970 UK/European catalog to Dealer Display page and to US set pages for Cargo Jet, Construction, Scuba Scout and Fire Fighter.
2021-07-13 Added better images to Instructions page and cleaned up formatting a little. Thanks to Ben Rodriguez for construcion instructions image.
2021-06-20 Added Japanese comic to the Comics page including contents to comic reader.
2021-06-07 Added fall 1971 Eldon dealer catalog from the UK/Europe and catalog summary callouts to the Promotional page.
2021-05-18 Added Scuba Scout rubber strap kit and accessory plug to parts section in Repairs page.
2021-05-17 Added first German set - Space Scout gen 2 - to International Sets page.
2021-03-20 Added Sears 1970 image to Retail Catalogs and Space Scout (gen 1) sections.
2021-02-10 Updates to the Japanese Cargo Jet set, Vehicles page and Accessories page. Added new images for the red Lift Truck, Cargo Boxes and Jet Cargo Plane. Added the Japanese Jet Cargo Plane as a new vehicle as it has different stickers. Added box side images.
2021-01-10 Replaced front and back box images and added side images to Japan Space Scout B page.
2020-12-29 Excellent update to the Mexican figures and vehicles thanks to Ben Rodriguez.
  • Added Billy Gen 1 with Aqua tank, with blue tank, red tank and white boots and Billy Gen 2 to Figures page.
  • This also clears up another question about the tank markings on the Mexican figures - they all say "No - Si" where the US version says "On - Off" but with no markings of Ledy or Hecho en Mexico.
  • Added Mexican vehicles Lunar Crawler (white with red wheels), Space Car (all white) and Space Tractor (shorter wheelbase) to the Vehicles page.
  • Added Mexican accessories Carrier Sled (blue), TV Camera (no paint), Walkie Talkie (yellow), Cargo Boxes (round and square) and a much better picture of the blue Radar Scope to the Accessories page.
  • Added page images of the Mexican version of Space Base comic "Aventuras de Capitan Boy y su amigo Robotin en sus vehiculos espaciales" to the Comics page.
  • Updated Mexican set pages as appropriate but there are still a lot of guesses with these in terms of what figures and pieces were included in what sets.
2020-11-08 Added source for .2mm thick copper sheet for making new battery pack traces to Repairs page.
2020-11-03 Added Radioactive Retrieval Wagon retaining clip part I make and sell to the Repairs page.
2020-10-29 Added UK and European patent links to the Patents page. Added question about Snowmobile stickers to the Questions page.
2020-10-28 Huge update thanks to Paul "Woody" Woods pointing out a search of Worthpoint.
  • Updated image for Mexican Billy with red pack and white boots in Figures page.
  • Added manufacturer's stamping information ususally found on packs in Figures page.
  • Updated image and information for Fire Fighter comic in Comics page.
  • Added Japanese comic to Comics page.
  • Added Japan Space Base contents.
  • Added Japan Scuba Scout 2 and 3 to International Sets.
  • Added Canadian "2 Space Scouts" set to International Sets.
  • Added package contents to Mexico's Super Capitan Boy set. Also clarified that walking Billy is included.
  • Added second image of Bubble Popper to the Other Products page. Thanks to Alphadrome for this one.
  • Under Accessory Packs page:
    1. Added Scuba Scout, Fire Fighter, Japanese Billy, Spanish Billy. Also updated images for two US walking Billys.
    2. Added Walking Vehicle, Belt Conveyor, Fire Chief Car.
    3. Updated images for Amphibious Car, Bulldozer, Dump Truck.
    4. Updated image for Scuba Scout accessory pack.
2020-10-27 Added first Australian set to International Sets section. Big thanks to eBay seller "chocolatefrog" for the image and background information. Added Scuba Scout commercial to TV Commercials section and related set pages.
2020-10-21 Link to Billy Blastoff knock-off posted in the Other Products section. Thanks again Bill! Marked the US Scuba Scout as available in the UK by way of testimonial of Paul Woods. Also added mentions to the US and International sets regarding the treatment of UK sets.
2020-10-20 Scalecraft product insert posted. First clear evidence of Billy in the UK. Definitely looking for more. For now I'm recording the availability in the UK using the icons on the US sets since my guess so far is that they were identical. Curious about what else was available in the UK. If anyone has any testimonials I can at least flag those sets as available. Thanks again to Bill Bulloch and Paul Vreede for this one!
2020-10-19 1970 catalog images posted courtesy of Bill Bulloch via Paul Vreede. Should be an award for a first sighting because these images yielded the first I've seen of a Space Base display set. Also much better quality images of the 1970 Billy and Robbie displays. And... the page showing the individual Billy and Robbie figures for sale reveal 1970 as the year they were introduced. Thanks Bill and Paul! Great stuff!
2020-10-18 Clarifications made and typos fixed thanks to Paul Vreede. Added Scuba Scout comic.
2020-10-15 Published on internet as