The following timeline is comprised of events documented in this site.

Date Event Source
1968-02-29 Tomy applies for patent. Patent filing USD214176S
1968-03-?? Billy Blastoff Space Scout set is introduced in the trade magazine Playthings.
Playthings March 1968
1969 New sets show up in US advertisements for Space Base, Robbie Robot (first walking figure), Firefighter, Scuba Scout, Cargo Jet, Construction


1969-05-01 Tomy files for patent on Scuba Scout drive mechnism. Patent filing US3570179A
1969-05-20 Tomy is granted first patent in the US. Patent filing USD214176S
1970 Robbie and Billy both receive new square Jet Packs with the switch located on the side.
1970 Robbie Robot and Space Scout sets are revamped with new looks.
1971 Snowmobile becomes the last US set released.
1971-03-16 Tomy is granted patent for Scuba Scout drive mechanism in the US. Patent filing US3570179A