TV Commercials

Here are a couple TV commercials for Billy. If you look closely on the Eldon dealer catalogs on the promotional page you'll see little "AS SEEN ON TV" images on at least:
  • Space Scout (1969)
  • Robbie Robot (1969)
  • Scuba Scout (1969) - shown below)
  • Space Base (1969 - shown below)
  • Snowmobile (1971)
Let's hope these others turn up. Until then, at least we have these.

The original Space Scout set in color.

Excellent transfer of the 1969 commercial for Billy Blastoff Space Base set. Notice the prototype wheels on the grabber. Also interesting that they don't show the claw action which to me is one of the coolest movements of the vehicles.

Nice color commercial for the 1970 Space Scout set. Based on other information I've come across, I'm thinking this is a 1970 commercial and not from 1969.

Black and white commercial of the Scuba Scout set in action. Looks like the tank clips on each side were modified after the version seen in the commercial. Also don't see the strap on the accessory jack plug.