Space Base (gen 1)

Stock #: 9437 Release year: 1969 Sold in: USA Sold by: Eldon Manufactured in: Japan

1968 must have been a good year for Billy Blastoff product sales because in 1969 Eldon expanded the line greatly adding sets for Robbie Robot, Billy as firefighter, construction worker, scuba diver and pilot. I may be partial to this set since it is the one I was given as a birthday present when I turned 4 years old but Eldon really did step up the vehicles game with the Grabber and Space Saucer both of which I consider in the top 5 of vehicles.


Billy (gen 1)

Space Capsule

Grabber (with buttons)

Space Saucer

Observation Tower

Radar Scope

Flying Device (gen 1)

TV Camera (yellow, gen 1)

Walkie Talkie (yellow)

Tow Bar


Space Base (cover)
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Space Base (back) Marked "Printed in Japan - 1969 Eldon Industries"


Space Base (gen 1, page 1)

Space Base (gen 1, page 2)


Penneys 1969

Aldens 1969

Spiegel 1969


Playthings March 1969

Eldon Ad 1969

Eldon Dealer Catalog 1969

Eldon Dealer Catalog 1969
(page 2-3)

TV Commercials

Excellent transfer of the 1969 commercial for Billy Blastoff Space Base set. Notice the prototype wheels on the grabber. Also interesting that they don't show the claw action which to me is one of the coolest movements of the vehicles.