Fire Fighter Set (gen 2)

Stock #: 9442 Release year: 1970 Sold in: USA Sold by: Eldon Manufactured in: Japan

Who doesn't love a firefighter? Nobody, that's who. Everybody loves firefighters but I still find myself having to try hard to like the Fire Fighter set. I just don't see much play action in this set. Get in this vehicle and drive it around. Then, get in this other vehicle and drive it around. Here's another vehicle to drive around but has what looks more like a floppy lift that should have been in the Electrician set than the required ladder truck needed to fight fires. We've come a long way from the gen 1 Grabber.

The second generation Fire Figther set includes only a change to the banner on the front cover of the box. All parts and instructions in the set are the same.


Billy (firefighter)

Ladder Truck

Hoist Truck

Fire Chief Car




Fire Helmet


Fire Fighter (cover) Marked Vol.1 No. 4, 1969 Eldon Industries

Fire Fighter (back) Marked 7-74-122


Fire Fighter


Penneys 1969


Eldon Dealer Catalog 1970 (cover)

Eldon Dealer Catalog 1970 (page ??)

Eldon Dealer Catalog 1970 (page 31)

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