Scuba Scout Set

Stock #: 9419 Release year: 1969 Sold in: USA Sold by: Eldon Manufactured in: Japan

Now we're talking. This is an exciting set. The Scuba scout's unique drive mechanism makes it so that the moving parts of this set are not interchangable with others but it doesn't matter. When you can drive your Amphibious Car right into a puddle and watch it keep going or dip Billy into the tub with his Underwater Camera lit and his propeller whirring you don't really need to care what's going on in space or wherever. Divers wear tanks so no conflict there, great box art, play action on ground and in the water make this one of my favorite sets. Note that the amphibious car has stylish red seats in the box art. If I end up buying one I will do what I can to reproduce the rubber parts that have often deteriorated away. If Eldon didn't sell a kid size scuba mask for bath tub adventures with this set they should have.


Billy (scuba scout)

Amphibious Car

Boat Trailer

Discovery Boat

Jet Pack

Air Hose

Sea Tow

Underwater Camera

Face Mask

Spear Gun


Scuba Scout (cover)
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Scuba Scout (back)


Scuba Scout


Aldens 1969


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Eldon Dealer Catalog 1969 (page 6)

Eldon Dealer Catalog 1970 (cover)

Eldon Dealer Catalog 1970 (page ??)

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Scuba Scout Set Display

TV Commercials

Black and white commercial of the Scuba Scout set in action. Looks like the tank clips on each side were modified after the version seen in the commercial. Also don't see the strap on the accessory jack plug.