Construction Set (gen 2)

Stock #: 9443 Release year: 1970 Sold in: USA Sold by: Eldon Manufactured in: Japan

The Construction set takes us back to the days of yesteryear before kids choked on small plastic pebbles. The Belt Conveyor breaks the mold of rolling vehicles providing a unique function that actually connects the two other vehicles in play action. Serously, toy design genius right there. That mirror image Belt Conveyor on the box may be the rarest item I've seen yet...

The second generation Construction set includes only a change to the banner on the front cover of the box. All parts and instructions in the set are the same.


Billy (construction)


Dump Truck

Belt Conveyor

Pneumatic Hammer



Plastic Pebbles


Space Base (cover)
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Space Base (back) Marked "Printed in Japan - 1969 Eldon Industries"


Construction Set


Aldens 1969


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Eldon Dealer Catalog 1970 (page 31)

Eldon Dealer Catalog 1970 (cover)

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