Cargo Jet Set

Stock #: 9441 Release year: 1969 Sold in: USA Sold by: Eldon Manufactured in: Japan

I've never known a pilot to walk around at work with a Jet Pack but if you put that aside the Cargo Jet set is a clean looking set with good play interaction between the pieces in mind. Billy can drive the Lift Truck over to the Cargo Boxes, bring them to the Cargo Jet Plane, lift them with the handle on the side of the Lift Truck to stow them in the cargo hold then either board the plane and taxi around the runway or connect the tow bar to the lift truck and taxi around the runway.


Billy (pilot)

Jet Cargo Plane

Lift Truck

Walkie Talkie (lighted)

Cargo Boxes (yellow)

Tow Bar (for jet)

Cargo Trailer

Pilot Cap


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