CAN - Deluxe Space Set

Space Scout

Stock #: 5907* Release year: 1969 Sold in: Canada Sold by: Eldon Manufactured in: Japan
* although the side of the box says "Stock# 7959062" the bottom shows "Eldon # 5907" which looks to be a more typical stock number.

Same set as in the US but with a walking Billy. I haven't seen this set with a walking Billy in the US or a non-walking Billy in Canada.


Billy (gen 2)

Robbie (gen 2)

Space Capsule

Grabber (with buttons)

Lunar Crawler (gray) Capsule

Radar Scope

Radioactive Retrieval Wagon (gray)

Cargo Boxes (blue)

Flying Device (gen 2)

Walkie Talkie (yellow)


Deluxe Space Set (gen 2, page 1, Canada)

Deluxe Space Set (gen 2, page 2, Canada)