MEX - Super Capitán Boy (gen 2)

Stock #: ???? Release year: 1970* Sold in: Mexico Sold by: Lily Ledy Manufactured in: Mexico
* assumed.

The second generation of this set seems be identical to the first with only the Billy figure swapped to the newer walking Billy. I've only seen one set and it did not have a flying device at all so I'm assuming that it would have also been changed to match the new Billy. Otherwise the box does not seem to have been changed at all. Not even a sticker added as was to the US Space Base when Billy was updated.


Billy (gen 2 Mexico)

Grabber (button holes)

Space Saucer (Mexico)

Observation Tower

space Car (white no US-6)

Lunar Crawler (gray & orange wheels)

Exploration Tractor (shorter body, front tow hitch)

Radar Scope (blue Mexico)

Flying Device (gen 2 **assumed**)

TV Camera (yellow, no paint)

Walkie Talkie (yellow, Mexico)

Carrier Sled (red)

Space Gun


Capitán Boy (gen 2 Mexico)


Mexico Space Base (cover)
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