JPN - Space Base

Stock #: TP-19053? Release year: 1969* Sold in: Japan Sold by: Tomy Manufactured in: Japan
* assumed.

Japan's Space Base set is conspicuously missing the Grabber vehicle which makes me wonder if this was released in Japan before the US space Base set. Not sure if there was a tow bar included in the Japanese set. Notice how the box cover image has been augmented to make the doors appear blue like the blue clear doors that were used. But, if the images included the white doors maybe the US set came out first? Who knows?


Billy (gen 1)

Space Capsule (clear doors)

Space Saucer

Observation Tower (yellow platform)

Radar Scope

Flying Device (gen 1)

TV Camera (yellow, gen 1)

Walkie Talkie (yellow)


Japan (cover)
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