MEX - Super Capitán Boy (gen 1)

Stock #: ???? Release year: 1969* Sold in: Mexico Sold by: Lily Ledy Manufactured in: Mexico
* assumed.

"What if we merged the original Capitán Boy set with the new vehicles in the Space Base set?" Answer: the Super Capitán Boy De Luxe set with all of the Capitán Boy - not Robitin - vehicles and accessories in one set. I've not yet seen the Space Capsule in a Mexican set. Notice how the box includes images of the red pack Capitán Boy and aqua colored pack. In this generation 1 style set I've seen just one case of it and it came with the Red pack and white boots version but maybe the Billy included varied? And, one of only two international comics I've seen so far is included in this set. Notice that the boy image suggest you get two Billys and two Space Saucers; I don't believe you do.

There is an interesting variation in the Space Car. If you look at where the drive peg is you can see the plastic around it is cut out different from any other version. Makes me wonder if there was a need to send molds to Mexico for production there and Tomy shipped a prior revision rather than make a new one.


Billy (white boots, red pack)

Grabber (button holes)

Space Saucer (Mexico)

Observation Tower

space Car (white no US-6)

Lunar Crawler (gray & orange wheels)

Exploration Tractor (shorter body, front tow hitch)

Radar Scope (blue Mexico)

Flying Device (gen 1)

TV Camera (yellow, no paint)

Walkie Talkie (yellow, Mexico)

Carrier Sled (red)

Space Gun


Capitán Boy (gen 1 Mexico)


Mexico Space Base (cover)
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