JPN - Space Scout A

Stock #: ???? Release year: 1968* Sold in: Japan Sold by: Tomy Manufactured in: Japan
* assumed.

Since Billy Blastoff was invented and manufactured in Japan were their sets the first to be released? Maybe this is the first set released. So far color, paint and sticker schemes are identical to the US except that it looks like the Space Gun doesn't have a cord coming out of it and probably does not light up. It looks like that from the image of the box contents. This box cover image is vey similar to the US version and although it's not visible in this image it's pretty clear there is no cord on the US Space Scout box cover. The Japanese Cargo Jet Walkie Talkie also was not lighted so it's very likely this one also was not.


Billy (gen 1)

Lunar Crawler (gray) Capsule

Exploration Tractor (orange body)

Space Car (white body)

Radar Scope

Space Gun (no light?)

Carrier Sled (red)