JPN - Cargo Jet

Stock #:TP-19051 Release year: 1969* Sold in: Japan Sold by: Tomy Manufactured in: Japan
* assumed.

The Japansese Cargo Jet set looks nice with the red cart and lift tray. The box images are a bit confusing. The cover and one short box side shows the red Cargo Trailer, Lift Truck and Japanese stickered Jet Cargo Plane but yellow Tow Bar. The long side of the box shows the US version of the Jet Cargo Plane, Lift Truck. Cargo Trailer and Tow Bar. Unfortunately the Walkie Talkie is not lighted even though Billy does have a working jack.


Billy (pilot)

Jet Cargo Plane (Japan stickers)

Lift Truck (red lift)

Walkie Talkie (unlighted)

Cargo Boxes (yellow)

Tow Bar (for jet, red)

Cargo Trailer (red)

Pilot Cap


Japan (cover)
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Japan (back)